I'm Dagmara, a creative specializing in product design, UX and strategy

My unique background in fine arts, web design, front-end development, and UX has given me the skills to solve problems holistically. I approach designs with a deep appreciation for business value and experience-driven perspectives.

Product design

Mobile application allowing to pay with coins or points, automatically trigger discounts, personalized recommendations, or other rewards.


My goal was to provide the advertisement manager’s team with the best possible experience in adding and using data in the panel.


The redesign goal was to reduce unnecessary steps to buy trees, increase the transaction speed, and provide a more fluid way of tracking the number of seeded trees.

UX strategy

There is enormous potential for sex apps, and I don’t doubt that sex apps will meet the real needs that users experience. For now, applications with audio guides and audio-erotica are definitely on top.

CX design

Between all days spent at work, behind computer monitors and phones, we don’t think about ourselves. We often hear that written emotions can help us understand the place we’re at. The challenge for me was to create a tool that discovers the meaning of our emotions and helps us understand the importance of every feeling inside us.