I continue to improve, and have fun!

My focus has always been on crafting design experiences that engage and help people, whatever my job title was. I was part of creative studios, digital agencies, publishing houses, and big corporations. I used various software and concepts to create innovative, human-centered designs during multiple projects. I have always had an eye for how things do and don’t fit together. But most important is that I’m constantly challenging myself to make things better and more useful for users. Over the last few years, I have been exploring the successive incarnations of design and strategy. I combined my understanding of creating websites, applications, and products with business and user needs.

Honestly, I love what I do! I’m looking forward to further challenges waiting around the corner. As I continue to improve, I’m constantly learning.


Recently Most Remembered Trip​


That city is the bridge between east and west, with small yet sincere cafes and the best breakfasts ever.


I love to read


Workshops and courses which I recently enjoyed

may-june 2021

UX Strategy Online Master Class With Jaime Levy

september 2021

Design Sprint Masterclass
by AJ&Smart

may 2022

Experience Strategy Design Workshop with Aga Szóstek

september-december 2022

Brain-dependent art, or how the brain perceives and creates art – Warsaw University 


Brain fascinates me

Can we think about user experience and new products without thinking about how we perceive the world? Neuroscience and neurobiology are emerging fields where we can thrive and pursue how we can create solutions to user needs and goals effectively and meaningfully. If we can tap into the human brain and try to understand the mysteries of design, we have a bright future 🙂


Sketch everyday

I must admit that after a long day before the monitor, I need a few minutes with a pencil or brush. Looking at the blank page is like a mysterious puzzle, where to start, is the colored pencil number 131 right? What to draw, or where do I find another inspiration?
I enjoy drawing people, mysterious expressions, and nature. The things that fill me with questions every day.

Art world

Recently visited exhibition


Fangor. Beyond the Painting

The exhibition presented over 100 paintings and 90 drawings, posters, and sculptures from all the Wojciech Fangor’s work periods. The light, experimentation, astronomical interests, and the journey of colorful pieces made me think about how we can be bold and creative.

december 2022

Solstice. Nordic painting 1880 -1910

The exhibition featured works by some of the greatest artists from Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, and Finland from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. A lot of snow, and wintery landscapes.


I love Japanese culture

I enjoy Japanese literature and learn Japanese when I don’t read about Japanese culture and art. The fascination with that culture is the fascination with old and new, a mixture of traditional versus modern values. It’s all about colorful patterns, minimalistic interiors, short haiku poems, long movies, family values, and individual style. I’m interested in all the opposites that make perfect sense.

UX / Strategy

UX notebooks

The purpose of my UX notebooks is note-taking to keep track of what I’ve learned. I question everything, so writing my ideas and thinking about them more can be fun. Sometimes the most compelling answers are the ones that destroy the questions. Besides, I like to write and return to my notes daily.