Redesign of the architect's website

„You probably notice how much your perception of the world changes regarding to where you are.”




UX Designer


Joanna Kłusak architect

The challenge

Joanna Kłusak wanted to rebuild the website and focus on showing architectural designs in a more modern way and encourage new clients to cooperate with her.


The client’s website was built a long time ago. The main page was focused on introducing the author, not showing the designs.

The goal

Making it easier for customers to get to know the offer.

Refreshing the company’s image and showing the portfolio in a modern but intuitive way.

Problems to solve

Little traffic on the website results in fewer customers.

Users have problems with finding information about architecture projects.
The image of a company is perceived as non-modern and old-fashioned.

The website is not mobile-friendly.



A lot of pictures will be shown in the portfolio.


Creating a new, minimal designs with consistent icons, colors, and typography.

My role

I was responsible for gathering pieces of information and user’s needs, benchmarks, client’s workshops, creating a new visual language, designing a new interface (UI), and developing a website to CMS WordPress. 

Design process


We started with an analysis that gave us a defined target audience:
Conscious middle-class customers.

Companies which wants to redesign all buildings or just a small part of it. 

After using research methods like focus groups, card sorting and interviews we were finally ready to explore the main user scenarios.

Information architecture

At the beginning, we needed to redesign the site’s architecture and add new information to make all information easily accessible with very few clicks.


Following on, the client needed navigation that was intuitive and effective, balancing a key requirement to find necessary information quickly.

The solutions

A key component of the redesign was to completely rearrange the website in order to expose great projects done by the author. 

Our work also made it easier for businesses to contact the artist.