Redesign clients panel

„We enable people and companies to plant trees in Polish forests.”




Lead Product Designer


The challenge

Redesigning the customer panel, which will allow customers to buy trees easier, get the most important information about the next plantings, and show the most important data.


Difficult tree planting path that is frustrating for customers.
Difficult information editing of payment details.
Clients cannot track the number of trees planted and see additional information.

The goal

The goal of our redesign was to reduce unnecessary steps to buy trees and increase the speed of transactions. Additionally, we wanted to provide a more fluid way of tracking the number of seeded trees.

Problems to solve

How can we create a customer panel that will allow business clients to easily buy trees and observe the number of seeded trees?

Why had the previous process failed?
What data needed to be included?
What the ideal solution looked like?
How can we better visualize important data?



A lot of information will be entered into the customer panel.

Dynamic content

Designing a user experience for customers panel that will have content edited by non-technical staff members is definitely more difficult than developing a site where you have control over every single word. On every step, I needed to keep in mind that the content will be very fluid.


The rapid growth of the company and the addition of more information and options in the future had to be considered.

Design process


We started with analysis that gave us a defined target audience:
A business customer who cares about the environment.
E-commerce customers who want to plant trees for every product sold.

After using research methods like focus groups, card sorting and interviews we were finally ready to explore the main user scenarios.

Information architecture

At the beginning, we needed to redesign the site’s architecture and add new information to make all information easily accessible with very few clicks.


Following on, we needed navigation that was intuitive and effective, whilst also balancing a key requirement to quick payment flow and easy accessible information.

The solutions

A key component of the redesign was to completely rearrange the client’s panel in order to expose the tree buying method. 

Our work also made it easier for business customers to track a process of the seeded trees and a list of seeding making day to day purchases more personal and providing deeper insights to the business. 

We build each following steps as separate modules. So we can easily rearrange the order to fit new content.