Redesign website with vintage items




Lead UX


Od zysk

The challenge

The brand’s philosophy is to promote the idea of ​​re-use of items and conscious consumption. OD ZYSK has a mission to promote vintage items and build a conscious buyer’s community.


Informational website about company’s activities and informations about founders.

The goal

The goal of our redesign was to change the main role of the website from informational purposes to sales.

Problems to solve

How can we create a website with vintage items with a feel and look reflecting buyers’ taste?

What data need to be included?
What the ideal solution looked like?
How can we visualize products in their best way?


Making a website with a look and look similar to vintage markets.


Designing a user experience for customers with the specified tastes and showing products in their best way. At every step, I needed to keep in mind that the content will be very fluid.


The rapid growth of the company and the addition of more products in the future.

Design process / My role


We started with an analysis that gave us a defined target audience:
Conscious, very specified customer who loves vintage items and doesn’t have time to buy them on the vintage markets.

Information architecture

In the beginning, I needed to redesign the site’s architecture and add new information to make all information easily accessible with very few clicks. The main goal was to make a shop the main content of the site and an easy way to buy items. Showing appropriate categories to make the buying process very easy. 


Following on, we needed navigation that was intuitive and effective, whilst also balancing a key requirement to quick payment flow and easy accessible information.

The solutions

A key component of the redesign was to completely rearrange the website information architecture in order to expose products. 

My work also gives the buyers a feel and look of a vintage market. For that propose, I designed collages with vintage products to make the buying experience more pleasant.