Website redesign




Lead Designer



The challenge

Help in rebuilding the website in connection with the unification of the style and help in increasing traffic on the website and its expansion with new subpages.

The goal

Appropriate presentation of the offer divided into digital and outdoor advertising.
Refreshing the company’s image by showing different types of advertisements.
Simplification of the initial pricing process.
Increase the conversion.

Problems to solve

How can we create a website that will convert and show many options of advertisement? 

Why had the previous website failed?
How can we better visualize advertisement content and information?
Finally, the client wants to move separate sections of the website up or down depending on the advertisement or convertion. 
A lot of categories on the menu.

Design process


We started with analysis that gave us a defined target audience:
A business customer who wants to know what advertising space they can rent.
Clients who want to free quote.

After using research methods like card sorting, Google Analytics and Hotjar analysis we were finally ready to explore the main user scenarios.

Information architecture

In the beginning, we needed to redesign the site’s and menu architecture and add new information to make all information easily accessible with very few clicks.

The solutions

A key component of the redesign was to completely rearrange the website in order to expose advertisement solutions. 

My work also made it easier for customers who want a free quote.

I designed each section of the page as separate modules so the client can easily rearrange the order to fit new content.